In Iluplax we are committed to developing technologies that help improve the visual communication of our customers. Digital signage, ecology, virtual reality, mapping or artificial intelligence are some of our challenges to keep moving forward and to be able to offer our customers guarantees of success to face the future.

Large Format Modular Led Displays (Indoor or Outdoor)

High quality modular LED screens for indoor or outdoor use with high luminosity and total resistance to adverse weather conditions. Possibility of manufacturing in any format.

Kiosks and Mupis (Indoor or Outdoor)

Totems and floor totems for indoor or outdoor that protect the monitor and give the possibility of customization in all types of finishes and corporate colors. They allow to house electronic equipment safely and with the possibility of manufacturing with anti-vandalism finish. They have high brightness and contrast and can have a 24/7 operation.

Artificial Intelligence Video Parking Control

For the installation of the control and guidance system for outdoor parking, ILUPLAX has developed a comprehensive system, adapted to the unique needs of shopping centers.

Artificial intelligence and artificial vision in particular, offer the ideal technological context for total control of the outdoor space, without the need for highly invasive civil works. Thanks to the capture by high resolution cameras (4k) and through a configurable algorithm and self-learning, able to delimit correct parking areas even with adverse weather conditions, low luminosity.

With this system, we have a level of total control of the space, allowing a very wide variability of actions and that we will focus in a first term, for the development of the system of counting free spaces and the signaling of these physically for traffic management and Big Data analysis. In addition, it allows the implementation of other analytics with the existing infrastructure, such as license plate control, restricted use of parking spaces, speed control, incorrect circulation and, in short, all the analytics developed and those that will see the light in the near future, of this novel analysis tool that is totally autonomous, expandable and configurable.